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Electro-Glo has been owned and operated by the same father and son team, Al and Dana Cook, for over 26 years. They have used this Electrostatic Finishing process in applications other than just Metal Finishing.

Since Al passed away in 2008, Dana has carried on the business in the same tradition of fair pricing, high quality, and excellent service to the customer. With an ‘A plus’ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an ‘A’ rating from Angie’s List, Electro-Glo is a company you can hire with confidence. Electro-Glo is licensed and insured, and all work is fully guaranteed.

What is Electrostatic Painting?
Electrostatic Painting uses the basic law of electricity that states: opposites attract. The item to be painted is given a negative charge, and the paint is given a positive. The paint is then atomized through a round revolving nozzle.

The item to be painted actually attracts the paint; the paint is not sprayed on, but instead is plated on. The paint can actually be pulled around corners, ensuring a smooth and even coat without drip marks.

Electrostatic Painting is the ultimate system for coating metal (Steel, Aluminum) Wood, Formica, and Ceramic. The number ONE reason to use this process is there is NO over-spray or fogging, thus keeping your Home, Office or Work place neat, clean, and ready to use the next day.

Common Items for Refinishing:
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Vanities
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Window Mullions & Door Frames
  • Railings & Fencing
  • Lockers/Partitions
  • Machinery
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Outside Signs/Light Poles

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